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At Winston Water Cooler, we combine years of expertise and experience with in-depth and detailed knowledge of all your wholesale plumbing supply needs. And as your premier plumbing supplier throughout Texas, Arizona, and Nevada - there is no job that we can’t source! We strive to always maintain a helpful and ‘fixing’ attitude in order to deliver the best service and customer care in the plumbing supply industry.

Even after 50 years as your wholesale plumbing supply, we are still continuously working to evolve within the commercial industries we serve and the residential sector so that we can better meet your needs every day, with every project, and every new innovation.

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What We Do | Plumbing Supply, HVAC Supply, & More

Winston Water Cooler, LTD. was founded in Dallas in 1963. Over the last 50 years, the family of Winston Water Cooler has grown and evolved into one of the fastest developing wholesale plumbing suppliers and HVAC online suppliers in the Southwest.

Our family of companies have evolved into multiple brands that offers convenient locations all over Texas, Las Vegas, NV, Phoenix, AZ and Las Cruces, NM. Our sister companies provide supplementary services and products such as kitchen and bath fixtures for both commercial and residential use, kitchen appliances, decorative hardware and pre-cut fabrication.

Each of our 16 independent branches has vast, diverse inventories of quality plumbing, HVAC, and piping parts. We offer convenient locations all over Texas, as well as locations in Las Vegas, NV, and Phoenix, AZ to meet the in-person needs of our clients. Our collection of companies in the tri-state area provide supplementary services and products such as kitchen and bath fixtures for both commercial and residential use, kitchen appliances, decorative hardware and pre-cut fabrication for clients who prefer to see items before purchasing them in our E-commerce site.

Find a branch location near you and see for yourself what our companies offer in your area.

How We Do It | The Winston Water Cooler Promise

We aren’t a colossal corporation that is too big to care about your job, and we aren’t an untested, untried company that is too small or too new for your project. In fact, at Winston Water Cooler, we guarantee that your job will never be too big or too small for us. We treat each and every customer like our most valuable customer, and that’s what has always set us apart from the competition. We have provided materials for both residential and commercial projects, as well as HVAC parts and plumbing fixtures wholesale.

We make your project our top priority, and as your premier wholesale plumbing distributors (both online and in-person) we go above and beyond the other companies to guarantee you are satisfied.

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WWCSupply.com | Your Wholesale E-Commerce Solution

Searching, ordering, and managing your wholesale plumbing supply account has never been faster or easier with WWCSupply.com. We offer a huge inventory of the very best plumbing supply parts and HVAC supplies online. Whether you are looking for ‘the best water dispenser’ or a specific drinking water dispenser – Winston Water Cooler’s online site should be your number one choice for all your HVAC and plumbing wholesale needs.

Here are just a few of the WWCSupply.com features, perks, and benefits:

  • Our powerful search tools can find the exact products or parts that will make your job easier and your customers more satisfied.
  • Save time by logging in and getting your customer pricing, real-time branch, and network inventory, and invoices right online.
  • We guarantee that your orders will be ready for pickup before you ever even get to your local Winston Water Cooler branch, getting you to your job faster.
  • Our ‘personal product list’ feature allows you to create a most frequently purchased list for fast repeat buys.
  • You can name your lists any way that helps you the most, by product category, job, location, employee, industry - you decide!
  • Our share function makes it easy for you to have others see your products lists as well – share with your coworkers, team, or others doing similar jobs.


Every day we are working to meet your needs.

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Winston Water Cooler’s Click & Mortar Online Product Catalog 

We have expanded our plumbing fixtures, supplies, parts, and product lines to offer more parts from more manufacturers in more product categories and we are adding more every day!

Endless aisles – without all the legwork – that’s what you get from WWCSupply.com.

As your leading wholesale plumbing supply and HVAC supplier online, our e-commerce catalog features full line access to manufacturers like:

Supplies you use every day? No problem! Add them to your custom product lists for fast repeat buys. Specialty items? We got you covered there too with access to over 200,000 plumbing supply parts, products, fixtures, HVAC part supplies, and more!

Ordering your plumbing fixtures wholesale has never been easier.

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The Very Best HVAC Supplies & Plumbing Fixtures at Wholesale Prices | Winston Water Cooler, LTD.

We are your leading wholesale plumbing distributors, which means we have high standards to uphold. Luckily, we have been providing parts and products for plumbing wholesale for over 50 years – meaning, we have learned a few things.

We know that speed and accuracy for all your orders are extremely important. We know that customer service, care, and manners go a long way. And we know that you need knowledgeable and helpful staff if you want to be a success both online and in-person.

So, go ahead, and try Winston Water Cooler – see our difference, shop our online store, and enjoy all the perks that come with WWCSupply.com - your number-one online wholesale plumbing suppliers.

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WWC Featured Products | Office Water Dispensers & Drinking Water Dispensers

At Winston Water Cooler, we offer all manner of wholesale plumbing supplies, fixtures, appliances, HVAC supplies, and hardware – all at the lowest wholesale prices.

We supply a wide range of office water dispensers, drinking water dispensers, and bottleless water dispensers. Plus, due to our huge range, we can perfectly match the needs of your office, workplace or business, as well as any water conditions or location specifications.

From the environmental and waste benefits of bottleless water dispensers to the best selection of drinking water dispensers, Winston Water Cooler’s e-commerce site makes it easy to choose the best water dispenser for your needs. Need an office water dispenser to keep your employees happy, healthy, and hydrated? Look no further!

Our office and drinking water dispensers are by Elkay and Halsey Taylor, names in the industry that you can trust. Ensure you are getting fresh, clean, chilled water every time with the best water dispensers in production from WWCSupply.com. Check out our 'click and mortar' online and physical store to learn more - our friendly and knowledgable staff are always happy to help and can answer any of your office water dispenser or drinking dispenser questions.

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Branch Locator | Find the Winston Nearest You

By using our easy-to-navigate, handy store locator you can always find which Winston Water Cooler location is closest to you. And with over fifteen convenient locations spread across the Southwest, you're never too far from Winston.